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A Pinnacle Award Winning Program

  our philosophy

Welcome to Mentor HR®, where it's totally okay to have multiple mentors for different learning needs, since a good mentor is anyone you can learn from! We leverage a variety of mentoring techniques in our program, including: one-on-one mentoring, flash mentoring, group mentoring, peer mentoring, and virtual mentoring.

Mentor HR®, formerly known as the NOVA SHRM and Dulles SHRM Mentoring & Leadership Development Program, is the trusted broker of professional connections and mentoring relationships that are of crucial importance to a HR professional’s career. Our SHRM Pinnacle Award-winning program is based on a collaborative peer-learning model, and offers approximately 21 SHRM and HRCI recertification credits for participants.

Our program is aligned with the SHRM elements for HR Success Competency Model and we are a recipient of the SHRM Pinnacle Award for Excellence. Our program director has won the Greater Washington HR Award for Mentoring and was cited by California State Professor John Sumser as one of the top 100 HR influencers.

Our program will help you to develop increased awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of yourself so that you can begin to integrate new insights into your thinking and decision making. You must be a member in good standing with either NOVA SHRM or Dulles SHRM to participate. The curriculum is designed for individuals with at least 3 years of professional HR Management or HR Development experience. Our program is best-suited for individuals who are collaborative, self-motivated, and have the ability to commit a minimum of 5 hours a month to learning and development activities associated with a cohort program.

As a result of participation in Mentor HR®, alumni report gaining increased confidence, competence, networking skills, personal leadership skills, and the capability to influence others. Our alumni also report that the program helped them to achieve vertical or lateral career goals. Approximately 85 percent of our alumni have given back to the HR community through a limited volunteer engagement or by serving in a formal leadership role on a board or committee within one of the local SHRM chapters.

Connect with Mentor HR®

We offer advice and guidance to identify options for overcoming career obstacles and professional dilemmas. We help to open up new doorways for connecting with others through interactive cohort group discussions, an online discussion board, our exclusive virtual community of practice (the Mentoring Network®) with over 500 members, and quarterly in-person social events.

Learn with Mentor HR®

We create a safe and supportive learning environment for HR Management and HR Development professionals to grow and achieve personal and professional development goals. Our team of senior mentoring advisors and coaches, most of whom are mentoring program alumni, will help you to link your learning and problem solving to your passions, skills, knowledge, and talent. We use multiple learning strategies to accommodate different HR disciplines, communication styles, experience levels, and perspectives in each mentoring cohort.

Lead with Mentor HR®

We focus on facilitating transformative learning, which is learning that causes us to rethink our core beliefs and familiar ways of thinking. We draw upon the Ariel Group’s PRES model of leadership to help you cultivate personal presence and improve the way you influence and engage with others. You will receive a complimentary one-hour career coaching session with a certified coach.

  Quotes from Mentor HR® Alumni

  The Mentoring Program has had a profound impact on my career and my life. It gave me amazing connections to professionals that I would otherwise never have met. Being relatively new to the HR field, actively participating in the group discussions gave me confidence that I had the ability to build a long-term career in HR.
Karl Dillinger, Class of 2012
  It is difficult to describe the many ways that I carry the Mentoring Program with me every day. The program not only brought me friendships and professional collaborations that might not have otherwise been possible; it helped me to clarify my professional goals and set myself on a clear and steady path to success. The program helped me to gain the necessary confidence by enabling me to focus on growing myself as a business owner and HR practitioner.
Fern Hernberg, Class of 2011
  The Mentoring Program showed me what a difference it makes to have a champion and true supporter on your side. I got so much more than just lasting camaraderie and friendships. I built my leadership capacity, leveraged the opportunity to raise my professional profile, and acquired new skills that go beyond even the HR disciplines.
Mimi Shieh, Class of 2010
  The Mentoring Program came along at just the right time in my career. I was stuck in a rut and I needed a safe zone to tell someone that I wasn't satisfied professionally. My peer mentor was an excellent match for me and I met a mentoring alum who knew exactly where I was coming from. The career coaching gave me the guts I needed to take some professional risks to improve my situation.
Camryn Orth, Class of 2008
  The Mentoring Program was pivotal for me and my career;it was the right thing at the right time. The Mentoring Program expanded my network, allowed me to build new relationships in the HR community, and exposed me to career coaches and HR thought leadership.
Amy Rigney-Gay, Class of 2007
  The program has been invaluable for my career and continues to be an outstanding resource. I wouldn't have landed in my current company if it wasn't for the mentoring program, so I can directly thank the program for opening up opportunities for me.
Jim Murray, Class of 2004
  Applying for the Mentoring Program was one of the best things I ever did for my career. I gained new perspectives on my field, and more importantly, developed professional contacts (as well as personal friendships) that have endured to this day, over 10 years later.
Diana Funk, Class of 2002

  Mentor HR® Celebrates 15 Years in 2013!

Watch our recruitment video or our 15-Year Anniversary Video on YouTube celebrating our 15-Year Anniversary! We hosted a special Hollywood Star-themed gala on April 3, 2013 to reflect on the importance of mentoring, to recognize key contributors to the program with "star" awards, and to raise nearly $250 for the SHRM Foundation. Click on the following links to watch video footage from the gala.

To kick-off the NOVA SHRM/Dulles SHRM Mentoring Program 15-Year anniversary, a special Hollywood Star-themed gala was held at the Gannett Building on April 3, 2013 to reflect on the importance of mentoring, to recognize key contributors to the program with "star" awards, and to raise nearly $250 for the SHRM Foundation. Over 100 mentoring alumni, mentoring network members, and local chapter leaders were able to re-connect with one another at this monumental event. Click on the following links to watch video footage from the gala. 


Gala Speeches Video 1
Gala Awards Video 2
Gala Awards Video 3
Gala Awards Video 4
Gala Awards Video 5
Gala Awards Interview 1
Gala Awards Interview 2
Gala Awards Interview 3

  mentoring program benefits

When you engage in a mentoring relationship, you have a trusted and significant advisor. We believe it's totally okay to have multiple mentors for different learning needs, since a good mentor is anyone you can learn from! 

Our Mentoring Program can help you to:

  • Build a broad, collegiate network of HR professionals
  • Identify options for overcoming career obstacles
  • Learn collaborative peer-group mentoring and leadership coaching skills
  • Gain access to the alumni network listserv and exclusive group LinkedIn page
  • Earn up to 18.5  credits towards PHR/SPHR/GPHR recertification
Mentoring Program Requirements
Mentoring Program participants must 1) Be a member in good standing in either NOVA, Dulles, or Montgomery County SHRM; 2) complete an application, and 3) be accepted into the program by the Mentoring Selection and Matching Committee. Since the program is based on the principles of peer-group mentoring, a minimum of three years of HR experience is preferred. The Mentoring Program prefers individuals who seek challenges, take initiative, and accept personal responsiblity. The Mentoring Program requires a minimum time commitment of five hours per month. 
Mentoring Techniques We Use
Group Mentoring: Group mentoring links multiple individuals with one or more experienced colleagues. Group mentors share personal experiences and provide guidance and insight just like a one-on-one mentor would. 
Peer Mentor: A peer mentor is at a similar professional experience level, but with expertise in a subject area that his/her partner does not. A peer mentor provides feedback and helps his/her partner to improve on-the-job performance, working relationships, and personal satisfaction with work.  
Virtual Mentor: A virtual mentor provides "fingertip knowledge" and is most beneficial when performance support is needed. You ask for and share advice when it makes sense for you. The mentoring program offers virtual mentoring community of practice comprised of current mentoring participants and alumni of the program.  Network members provide HR advice and guidance, share best practices, and post job opportunities. Network members must abide by the SHRM Code of Ethics.  
Flash Mentoring: Flash mentoring involves meeting with a one-on-one mentor or participating in a group mentoring activity for one time only. We utilize flash mentors as subject matter experts for our mentoring circle discussions.

   Want to Learn More about Mentor HR®?

For more information:

  Mary Kitson | Mentoring Program Director



  useful resources

Mentoring Program Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Mentor HR Program Fact Sheet.pdf PDF (690.18 KB) Administration 10/25/2016
Mentor HR Program Director Bio_2017.pdf PDF (231.92 KB) Administration 10/25/2016
NOVA /Dulles SHRM Mentoring Partner Agreement Form DOCX (398.96 KB) Administration 9/12/2015
Improving Future Performance DOC (205.5 KB) Administration 9/12/2015
Developing Trust Activity DOC (204.5 KB) Administration 9/12/2015
Alumni Listing DOC (117.5 KB) Administration 9/12/2015